Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rhodivisklap - Day 1

Well finally after months of planning, the big day had arrived. Kariba here we come.
Bright and early on the 5th May 12 "young" fishermen set off in lure of the mighty Kariba Tigers.

"Reels ready"

Some tackle, watch the baby in the middle

Bad Boy Baz - the leader of this expedition

Last minute preparation

04h00 - Eddy and Scotty (smoke break)

Baz had organised transport to OR Thambo

Famous last word. "you okes are going to regret wearing long trousers"

05h45 - OR Thambo

06h30 - all aboard, next stop Lusaka

Nick - the point of no return

Welcome to Zambia

Baz, announcing his arrival

Lusaka International Airport

"Rosa" our trusty steed

First stop to pick up some supplies, a few cases of beer and some "pringles" Yip I know what you are think, what's with the pringles??

"Team Rhodivisklap 2011"

Down town Lusaka

"Daveed, pee-pee"

Meet Beyers, who's friend is he?

Daveed, listened !!

Andrew's, party trick, pee-ing over his shoulder (to his credit, he didn't pee on himself, loads of practice I suspect)

Back on the bus, next stop, border post (or pee-pee)

Mind the goat

Road block - anyone been drinking? Beyer's shut the *&^%$#! up, you'll get us all arrested!

Happy to be back on the road again

Free condoms at the border post!!

13h30 Lake Kariba

Phase Two, Zimbabwe

Keep well left - hold on isn't that "right?"

Home sweet home - well for the next couple of days anyway.

Grant, moving in

Alasdair - first to the bar (Jasper, on duty)

Yeah, this will do. Bar, DSTV ..........

Wilson - our Skipper

Eddy - last minutes "I love you, honey" ok so he was still working.

15h15 - Brunch Day 1 (hamburgers)

Yeah, that's what happens when you shake it.

First Aid and Reg markers

Jasper - aka Lofty

Grant, nails another Bream

18h45 -  Brad lands another "monster". Damn - that's even too small for live bait!